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These terms and conditions will remain in effect for all future engagements between the client (Client) and 360 Crue (Photographer), or until this Terms of Service agreement is edited or amended by 360 Crue, in which case all edited and/or amended revisions will automatically supersede this agreement given 30 days prior notice of changes. Cancellations must be made in writing.

I. Terms and Conditions

  1. Services: Property shoots include and are not limited to the production of photos, videos, 3D/360º virtual tours and floor plans, used for the marketing of real estate listings for sale or for rent. All rates include a single use license for use by one party during one listing period. Additional licensing needs will incur additional fees. All assets will be delivered within 3 business days via a digital download link or by email, delivered to the email address provided by Client.
  2. Listing Photos: A complete set of photos will be created to present a property for the purpose of marketing. Number of photos ordered shall be appropriate for the size, features, and number of rooms of a property or as designated by a pre-defined photography package or bundle. Number of photos provided will fall within any selected counts at a minimum and be appropriate to capture the features of a property.
  3. Virtual Tours: 3D image scanning includes the interior and some of the exterior as the technology permits. Areas may be excluded by Client’s request prior to the shoot and preferably at time of booking.
  4. Video Tours: Videos will be shot and edited to feature the highlights of a property with motion and sound. Videos will not necessarily show every room of a property. Guided Walkthrough videos will be guided and narrated by Client unless other arrangements are made.
  5. Media Bundle: Media Bundles are offered as financial incentitives for realtors to build more comprehensive listings (a variety of media types) thereby: 1) improving the effectiveness of the realtor’s marketing efforts, and; 2) preventing the need for multiple shoots required when realtors add more media types in stages. 
  6. VIP Shoot: When payment is made at the time of booking, Client will receive: 1) “Priority Booking” (better chance of getting booked for the shoot date and time Client specifies), and; 2) by-end-of-next-day turn-around for delivery of media (“Next Day Service”). In the case of multiple VIP bookings on the same date, prioroity will given on a first book-first serve basis. In the event a vendor of 360 Crue delivers product to 360 Crue beyond the Next Day Service delivery time, all other media will be delivered within the Next Day Service delivery time and the media in question (the portion delayed by the vendor) will be deliverd to Client within a reasonable time after 360 Crue receives it.

II. Scheduling

All standard services are available for ordering and scheduling via the 360 Crue website,

  1. At the Shoot: Client is not required to provide a representative on site. If Client’s representative is not present, Photographer’s interpretation of the project shall be deemed acceptable.
  2. Custom Shoots: Requests for unique or custom photography appointments may be submitted by phone at (760) 444-0873, or by email to Please include as much detail as possible. Photographer will reply back to discuss availability and verify date, time and location of the shoot.
  3. As-Is” Policy: All properties will be shot “as is.” Client’s input is valuable and respected when determining photographic choices. Absent Client’s input, Photographer will use best judgment and experience to decide how best to photograph the property. Photographer will make a reasonable effort to exclude litter, stray objects, etc. that may detract from the photography, however Photographer is not responsible for preparing, cleaning, or staging the property.
  4. After the Shoot: Photographer will perform post production and deliver media assets to Client within a maximum of 3 business days. Delivery is via a provided link or digital payload to the email address Client provides.

III. Cancellation and Rescheduling

  1. Cancelling and Rescheduling: Appointments scheduled online may be cancelled or rescheduled from the confirmation email received after Client’s scheduling. If cancellation or rescheduling is necessary, 24 hour prior notice is requested by Photographer. Any shoot cancelled by Client within 12 hours of a booked appointment is subject to a cancellation fee equal to $180 at Photographer’s discretion.
  2. No Access: If Photographer is unable to gain access to a property more than 30 minutes past an appointment start time due to Client or Client’s representative arriving late or not providing proper access instructions, it will be considered a cancellation and may be billed at the full rate of the shoot at Photographer’s discretion. Photographer will make a reasonable effort to accommodate a re-scheduling.
  3. Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather preventing photography, Photographer will schedule a new appointment at the earliest available time. Photographer may cancel a shoot at any point up to and including the appointment time due to inclement weather. If Client wishes to cancel a shoot due to inclement weather, it must be done more than 12 hours before the appointment start time to avoid a cancellation fee.

IV. Licensing, Rights and Usage

  1. Licensing: Acceptance of this Terms of Service agreement implies acceptance of the License Agreement.

V. Payment

  1. Making Payments: Payment is accepted online or on location via credit card or other provided payment methods. A complete invoice detailing all fees will be provided by Photographer after the shoot when actual services performed are known.
  2. Prepayment: Prepayment is not required for real estate shoots, however 360 Crue does offer incentives for prepayment. 
  3. Due Dates: Payment will be due in full before delivery of media assets to Client by Photographer.
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